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About Me

I am building the worlds most supportive online natural health program to empower women to take control of their health and transform their lives to the next level.

I am an experienced and licenced Homeopath & Nutritional Therapist, and founder of PB Homeopathy & Nutrition, a global holistic health community and business, providing accessible natural health care for all.

Having spent over a decade working in the Aged Care industry, I trained as a Homeopath & Nutritional Therapist in order to bring more individualised care to a wider audience. Over a 5 year period, I worked one-to-one with many people in 2 different countries before moving my business online.

I have now reached thousands of lives by not only providing accessible natural health care to people all over the world, but using FREE online content and information to educate as many people as possible, to empower them to gain or regain their freedom through better health.

PB Homeopathy & Nutrition gives people the treatment, resources, and support they need, to empower them to live the lives they are supposed to and find alignment with their higher selves.


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