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Terrible face rash, gone and healed

Jane* had been struggling at work and was experiencing high levels of stress in her life on an almost daily basis.  Just after her first appointment we took a picture of her face where all down the left side of her cheek and chin, there was a nasty, inflamed and oozing rash.  It was painful, weeping and very red.  Her confidence had dropped considerable.  She was usually the life and soul of the party, but at this point was not going out and only existing between work and home.

Jane is a middle child and had always felt left out of the family.  She had a good relationship with her parents, but always felt like she wasn't doing well enough to live up to her other siblings' expectations.

She had a very stressful work life and several problems from a few different areas.

While she considered herself to be a very fun loving person, she was quite resistant to change and the thought of not being in control of what was happening to her was very distressing.  She became quite anxious when plans were changed and times were altered. 

She had effectively withdrawn herself from her social life in order to protect herself and saw little chance of changing her situation.  She was being constantly criticised at work, and it had taken its toll.

After our first appointment, she was prescribed Calc Carb 200c, and we had a quick email check-in 14 days later.  This was just before Christmas so the timing was such that we didn't get a chance for a full consult.  But after those initial 14 days the redness and rash had all but gone from her cheek, but there was an open, oozing wound running along her jaw bone to her chin.

We had a follow up a little after new year and the wound was still there.  We re-evaluated the symptoms and how she was feeling and the remedy was changed to Staph 200c to match how she had changed.

Around 10 days later, the wound was a little better but was still lingering so we repeated the Staph 200c.

2 weeks later, we had another quick email follow up where she advised that the wound had gone and there was no further rash and on top of that she had secured a new job!

The new job may seem coincidental, but having the strength and clarity to move forward with life decisions is just as much a part of Homeopathy as the physical symptoms themselves.


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