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Fitness Blender Review: A review of my favourite online exercise platform

On this weeks personal blog post in Bloggy Old Me, I just want to introduce you (if you haven't already heard of them) to Kelli and Daniel and their website www.fitnessblender.com (this post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links)

I don't know about you, but I'm not what you'd call a Gym Bunny.  I have belonged to Gym's in the past and paid up my membership, month on month, and like a lot of the folks out there, I was enthusiastic for a few weeks, and then it just trailed off to the vague thought that, "oh, I really should start working out again."

As I said in last weeks Blog Post about my Garmin GPS watch, I do really love to exercise. But as hard as I might try with my good intentions, something usually pops up in the way of my carefully planned exercise schedule and a day is missed, a day turns into 3 days, 3 days into a week, until my last workout was a few weeks previous and I have to dig deep to start up the motivation once more.  I'm OK with that.  I exercise when I can.  I love doing it!  And I let go of the thoughts that I should really do more.  I'm a big believer that you should really want to do something, in order to bring the right energy to the activity.

As I am in the fortuitous situation that I work from home, and I don't always have a lot of time between patients, I was looking for a solution in the form of online exercise programs that were challenging enough and didn't cost the earth, just in case my motivation lessened a little sometimes.  At first I checked out YouTube.  I absolutely love YouTube for the fact that it's mostly completely free and you can find anything from 1930s recordings of old blues singers, to live broadcasts of underwater webcams in some far flung tropical ocean.  And it was there I stumbled across Fitness Blender.

Due to the fact that I'm very British indeed, and therefore, a little bit reserved in my nature, quite a few of the video's I looked at before Fitness Blender, were loud and action packed. Exercise rooms full of perfectly formed, extremely beautiful human beings.  For some that's exactly what they're looking for.  For me, I was looking for something a little more subdued.

So what is Fitness Blender like?

There are several things I really love about Fitness Blender, which describe it perfectly:

  • It's simple: It's just Kelli and/or Daniel, in front of a white background, with no blaring music, no insane jumping around, and no 'in your faceness'

  • They're real people: I love that fact that Kelli and Daniel are just a down to earth couple, who know their stuff, are fit themselves, but also make mistakes and have to adjust and tweak their own workouts during the video's, to fit not only us, but themselves. It's so great to feel like they are in the same boat as us, even though they are so much fitter.

  • It's FREE:  not one single video that they post costs a single penny.  Obviously YouTube is free, but all the videos on their website are also free. 

  • Paid courses:  If like me, you like a bit of structure to help with motivation, they do have some collections of videos which you can purchase.  The most expensive is not even $20 and you own it once you buy it.  But the cost is so unbelievably reasonable, you just can't go wrong.

  • You know what's coming:  during the video's, you've got a count down on the right of the screen and you see a demo of the up-coming exercise in the top left corner so you're ready for what's about to happen.

  • They have healthy, nutritious recipes that cater for every style of eating habit.  Whether it's meat or vegan and everything in between.

  • A really great variety:  whether you're looking for Strength Training, HIIT, Tabata, Cardio or Low Impact, they really have it all.  I had a bit of a knee problem for a while and even the harder workouts all had low impact variations to cover you if you have an injury.  Or like me at the time, had neighbours underneath, who didn't much like hearing me landing like a hippo on the floor above them.

So on their website you can filter down any kind of FREE workout you're looking for.  You can put in the length you want, the difficulty level, whether you have dumbbells, want to use your own body weight, and area of the body you want to focus on.  Once you've put your filters in, you get a list of video's to choose from.  It's really really simple.

I've done a few of their paid courses and I find them to be really good fun.  You actually look forward to the next day.  The first one I did was the Body Weight only course, because I didn't have any dumbbells at the time. You really don't think at the beginning it's going to be that hard but believe me, if you really put in the effort it's a great challenge.

The next one I did was FB Fit.  This one uses a mix of dumbbells (although you can still just use body-weight), HIIT and Tabata.  It gets you really sweaty and it is a challenge, but it feels amazing afterwards and you can really feel the results in quite a short time.   I idealy like to put aside an hour a day for some kind of fitness, so that one worked really well for me.  I've actually done that one a few times now, as you can increase the dumbbell weight each time to make it more challenging.

At the moment, I'm really only doing a proper work out when I can fit it in.  So I just log in (it's free to register), use their filtering system to find a workout that fits the time I have available and off I go. You can add everything you do to your personal calendar, so you can track your progress.  When you have a paid course, all your workouts are added automatically to your calendar and you can move them around if you miss one.  It's super flexible.

I recommend them 100%.  They are just perfect for at home workouts, for those of us who don't really dig all that whooping and fake encouragement, and just want down to earth people, who know what they're doing.  Simple, I find, is usually best.  Now, where are my trainers?

(Disclaimer, I DO NOT look like this 😉)


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