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FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call

Find out if we're

a good fit

It's important for you to feel comfortable working with me.  Book this slot so we can see if we're a good fit.


Initial Consultation

1st Consultation - 90 minutes long

Book this slot for our first appointment together.

$180 USD */ £150 GBP* / For other currencies, please enquire. (*excluding VAT)


Follow-up Consultation

Follow-up and review your progress

30 to 45 minutes long

If you are already a patient of mine, or you're booking your 2nd appointment, book this slot.

$115 USD* / £95 GBP* / For other currencies, please enquire. (*excluding VAT)


First Aid or Acute Consultation

First aid treatment or acute appointment

for non-emergency situations

If your health issue is acute (symptoms happening now and/or less than 10 weeks in duration), book this slot.

$45 USD / £35 / For other currencies, please enquire. (price includes VAT)

For out of hours acute consultations, please contact the Homeopathy 247 Team.  Click through on the image or go to www.homeopathy247.com


For out of hours acute or First Aid appointments, visit:


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