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Pain Free Within ONE Day

Stephen had been experiencing knee problems for a good many years.  Then finally last year, his doctor told him that he needed an operation.  Stephen is the father of two small children and has a job where he's standing up all day, so he was of course, less than enthusiastic about having an operation and being out of action for weeks.

But his doctor assured him that he would only be off his feet for a few days and that after 3 weeks he would be back at work and healed.  

This was not the case and 3 months later, Stephen was still experiencing pain, swelling, and stiffness.  When he came to see me, he couldn't walk more than 10 minutes or so without having to take a break, couldn't play with his kids after work, and found standing up all day at work a daily and very painful struggle.

When I met Stephen, he showed me his knee which was still very swollen and even still had some redness.  He'd been back and forth to the doctors office several times and his doc could do nothing more for him other than recommending more rest and offering a cortisone injection.  Both of which were not an option for him.

We took a look at the pain and how he was feeling and he was prescribed Arnica for the swelling, and as a post operative remedy, and then Rhus Tox for the stiffness, which was relieved by a short walk (but only short) and for the feeling of being restless.  

After only one day the pain was gone and within only a few days he was able to work, walk and play with his kids with no problems at all. Two months later, he had had no more pain and no further problems.


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