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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you must call the appropriate emergency services or your doctor.  I cannot provide you with any emergency services.

Booking and Cancellations
When considering a time for our appointment, please bear in mind that I am on Central European Time. I will however, try to accommodate you as best I can. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give me at least 24 hours notice. I often have people on a waiting list for appointments so can give your slot to someone waiting if I have enough warning. Where ever possible, please try to rearrange rather than cancel. If you cancel completely, it may incur a late cancellation fee and impact your treatment plan.

Our Appointment
We must begin our appointment at the designated time. I only have a short time slot between appointments so we cannot run over our allotted time. If you are late, we will still need to finish at the same time as planned, and you will be charged the full consultation rate. Depending on how we conduct our appointment, I will either Skype Video Call you, or send you a Zoom meeting request. If we arrange to have our appointment via the Zoom meeting provider, please check your emails before the appointment is due to start so that you are ready at the allotted time.

Between Appointments
I might ask you to send me a quick email update between appointments, just so I can check your progress.


After our appointment I will send you an email with your prescription. As I only have a short time between appointments, this will usually be later in the day, after your appointment. I will try where possible to provide you with a pharmacy where you can get our prescription filled. Depending on where you live, this could be online or in an actual pharmacy.


First Aid
If you have an acute problem between consultations, or you would like a First Aid consultation, you can contact me. As most First Aid prescriptions are simple, this could possibly be done via email at no charge. Be aware that if I am with a patient, I may not be able to answer you immediately. If you need an Acute Consultation, you can also book a short 15 minute slot. Please see my booking page for details.


I will not share your details with anyone outside of our consultation. I take paper notes during the course of our discussion, which are then kept in a locked filing cabinet. Your notes will be kept for 7 years as is required by European Data Protection Laws and will not be shared with anyone without your express permission.

I put your privacy at a high priority.  I therefore, make every effort to ensure that our electronic communications remain confidential.  Unfortunately, full security when communicating electronically cannot be ensured, as despite my best efforts, the data included in emails, messages, or communications, could be intercepted, or corrupted.   You should ensure that you check any communication received from me with the appropriate software and take measures to ensure your connection is as private at possible. I cannot accept any liability for any damage caused that is outside my control. Please also refer to my Privacy Policy around website security.


Following our consultation, I will send you an invoice.  Payment is required within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.  Payment methods are:  Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer


My preferred video communication tool is Zoom.  If you prefer our consultation via Skype, I will video call you at the arranged time.  Please be ready and ensure you have your webcam set up and have checked your microphone.  If our consultation is with Zoom, I will send you meeting request with the scheduled time and a link to my Zoom Meeting Room.  If you do not already have Zoom installed, the meeting request will contain details of how to connect and use it.


For out of hours acute or First Aid appointments, visit:


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